The only turkey meat with Slovenian origin and certificate Selected quality of Slovenia

Perutnina Ptuj is the only producer of turkey meat with Slovenian origin. In this segment, too, all the steps from the field to the fork take place on the domestic soil and in cooperation with 36 breeders. The farms are dispersed in the natural environment of the Primorska, Gorenjska, Dolenjska and Štajerska.

All breeders, as well as Perutnina Ptuj, are included in the national scheme Selected Quality, as it confirms their long-standing commitments and efforts to ensure the highest

quality, safety and traceability.


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The popularity of turkey meat is increasing

People around the world discover not only the excellent taste of turkey meat, but also its quality, nutritional value and diversity of uses

Turkey meat is healthy, has less fat and less cholesterol than red meat, while it has more proteins and other important nutrients.

It is excellent taste and it fits nicely with many spices.

It is used for the preparation of healthy, light meals as well as for preparing richer dishes.


Turkey meat is more nutritious than other types of meat in terms of nutritional and energy values for the consumer. Similarly to chicken meat, but slightly richer with proteins, contains less common fats and has lower energy value than chicken meat.

Turkey meat is more enriched with calcium, selenium and zinc, like chicken meat. Turkey meat without skin contains on average 20-24% protein and 2-5% fat.


Line of packed turkey meat Natur
is intended for anyone who wants fresh and healthy turkey meat of the highest quality.