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  • PP recepti 0024 mafini

    Leavened muffins with Poli sausage

    Muffins are usually sweet so why not try savoury leavened muffins with Poli sausage and herbs for a change. They are excellent as a starter, snack or dinner.

  • PP recepti 0001 Solata Poli

    Poli salad

    When you feel like something fresh but also filling, prepare this pasta salad with Poli, cheese and vegetables, which you may also offer as a side dish together with meat.


  • PP recepti 0002 Solata s toplimi puranovimi rezanci

    Salad with warm turkey strips

    If you feel your salad needs something extra, add warm turkey strips. A cold yoghurt dressing will provide the typical freshness.


  • PP recepti 0003 Nadevana piscancja bedra v mrezici

    Stuffed chicken thighs in a net

    This dish will impress your every guest. Because it is not only tasty but also pleasing to the eye. Surprise your family or your guests with this little chicken masterpiece.


  • PP recepti 0004 Piscancje hrenovke s pikantno zelenjavo

    Chicken frankfurters with spicy veggies

    A colourful dish made of frankfurters and vegetables will enthral both children and adults. Don’t forget to leave out the chilli pepper and cayenne pepper when cooking for the little ones.


  • PP recepti 0005 Perutninsko zelenjavna nabodala

    Chicken and vegetables kebabs

    Kebabs of any kind are indispensable when having a barbecue as all generations love them. Make them even more interesting with colourful vegetables and two different kinds of meat.


  • PP recepti 0006 Aromaticna piscancja rulada

    Aromatic chicken rolls

    The aromatic chicken roll with cheese is a perfect dish nobody will be able to resist. Serve it as a starter or a main course. It depends on the side dish.


  • PP recepti 0007 Piscancji pica zavitek

    Chicken pizza strudel

    When you want something more than just a pizza, serve the chicken pizza strudel. It is tasty, attractive, smells like pizza and is a bit different.


  • PP recepti 0000 Piscancja obara z vodnimi zlicniki

    Chicken stew with flour dumplings

    Chicken stew can be prepared in manifold ways. However, the foundation of a good chicken stew is tasty and fresh chicken meat with many different kinds of vegetables.


  • PP recepti 0008 Puranji zrezki v cebulni omaki

    Turkey steaks in onion sauce

    Месо од мисирка на скара, панирано или во сос. Што му е омилено на вашето семејство? Пробајте ги во сос од кромид, со прилог од компири.

  • PP recepti 0009 Pecen piscancji file na solatnem krozniku

    Sautéed chicken fillet on a salad plate

    A colourful salad plate with pieces of sautéed chicken is a fresh and tasty yet light meal. It depends on the seasoning, of course.


  • PP recepti 0010 Duseno kislo zelje s puranjo sunko

    Braised sauerkraut with turkey ham

    Braised sauerkraut is perfect for a cold winter day. Prepare it in a wok on chopped garlic, add pieces of turkey ham and enjoy the winning taste.


  • PP recepti 0011 Piscancji trakovi z arasidi

    Chicken stripes with peanuts

    Are you in for something exotic? Prepare chicken with peanuts in a wok and serve an alluring, lightly spiced dish with a hint of Asia. Simple and really tasty.


  • PP recepti 0012 Piscancji koscki z rizevimi rezanci

    Chicken bits with rice noodles

    Chicken constitutes the basis of Asian cuisine. Why shouldn’t it constitute the basis of yours? Choose rice noodles over the ordinary ones today and prepare them with chicken and vegetables.


  • PP recepti 0013 Piscancji file v sladkokisli omaki

    Chicken fillet in sweet and sour sauce

    When you feel like something sweet and sour, the chicken fillet in sweet and sour sauce will hit the nail right on the head. The mystery lies in pineapple and honey. Reveal it.


  • PP recepti 0014 Pikantni zvitki na nabodalu

    Spicy chicken rolls on skewers

    Chicken fillet, marinated in Worchester sauce, wrapped in thin pancetta slices and put on skewers, is a true speciality on every barbecue or in the home kitchen.


  • PP recepti 0015 Piscancja lazanja s suhimi jurcki

    Chicken lasagne with dried porcini mushrooms

    You can prepare this typical luscious meal, which can also be served as a starter, in a different way. With seared chicken meat and porcini mushrooms. Try it.


  • PP recepti 0016 Puranje ruladice s suhimi slivam

    Turkey rolls with dried prunes

    One look and you will be charmed by these delicious rolls with light turkey fillet and dark plums. You don’t need to be a master chef to prepare them but you will definitely look like one.


  • PP recepti 0017 Ruladice z oljkami in spinaco

    Mini rolls with olives and spinach

    Chicken fillet with olives, spinach, pancetta and herbs wrapped in a roll carry the smell of the Mediterranean. They can also be offered as a cold snack.


  • PP recepti 0018 Piscancji filejcki v prsutovem ovoju

    Chicken mini fillet in prosciutto wrap

    Today you can surprise your family or your guests with the chicken mini fillet wrapped in prosciutto, served with cooked vegetables.


  • PP recepti 0019 Sesekljani puranji medaljoni v smetanovi omaki

    Turkey mince medallions in cream sauce

    Simply season the turkey mince, shape it into medallions and sauté. For a more luscious experience, serve with cream sauce. Lunch is ready.


  • PP recepti 0020 Zapecene palacinke s puranovim nadevom

    Baked crepes with turkey mince filling

    Crepes don’t always need to be sweet. Also savoury crepes are most delicious. Have you ever tried them with turkey mince filling and baked in the oven?


  • PP recepti 0021 Duseni piscanec z oljkami

    Braised chicken with olives

    A new pasta sauce recipe?  This tomato sauce with soft chicken chunks smells heavenly. Goes well with any type of pasta.


  • PP recepti 0022 Piscancja stegna z buckami v sojini omaki z medom

    Chicken thighs with zucchini in honey and soy sauce

    For a scent of Asia on your table, you need chicken thighs with skin, marinated with salt and honey and baked with zucchini. The sweet and sour speciality is ready.


  • PP recepti 0023 Dusene piscancje krace z zelenjavo in jabolki

    Braised chicken drumsticks with vegetables and apples

    Are you looking for an idea for a Sunday family lunch? Braise the chicken drumsticks and vegetables in the oven. Serve the meat with homemade rolled dumplings.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0000 01 PP Kokos v rdecem vinu

    Coq au vin

    Try this old French recipe for a delicious meat stew. Bear in mind that the meat needs to be marinated in wine one day before you cook it.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0001 02 Nadevan izkoscen Martinov piscanec

    Stuffed Martin’s chicken

    The ideal meal for St. Martin’s day. A delicious stuffed chicken served with mlinci, red cabbage and roasted chestnuts.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0002 03 Ocvrti piscanec malo drugace

    Breaded chicken, a different version

    Do you know the secret of a perfect breaded chicken? We cook it in milk first, let it cool down, dip in flour, egg and breadcrumb and only then deep fry it.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0003 04 Peceni piscancji zvitek

    Roasted chicken pocket pies

    Chicken pocket pies filled with cream and walnuts and baked in the oven. Serve with buckwheat porridge and porcini mushrooms.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0004 05 Bozicna purica s suhimi slivami in z jabolcnimi krhlji

    Christmas hen turkey with dried prunes and apple slices

    This luscious hen turkey with dried fruit side dish is an excellent Christmas choice. The preparation takes some more time but the result is simply enviable.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0005 06 Terina iz piscancjih jetrc

    Chicken liver terrine

    A terrine was named after an earthenware cooking dish we use to make it. This cooking vessel enables us to be especially imaginative and create a beautiful terrine with amazing slices.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0006 07 Ocvrte marinirane piscancje perutnicke

    Deep fried marinated chicken drumettes

    The children will be absolutely crazy about these cute tasty drumettes. Bear in mind: they need to rest in the marinade for 12 hours.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0007 08 Piscancje palcke s cesnovo omako

    Chicken fingers with garlic dip

    Cut the chicken fillet in strips and prepare tasty deep fried chicken fingers. Your guests will definitely enjoy dipping the chicken fingers in the delicious garlic sauce.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0008 09 Rolice iz piscancjih prsi s smetanovim hrenom

    Chicken breast mini rolls with creamy horseradish

    Prepare this very simple yet extremely tasty snack. You need lean sliced chicken breast filled with cream and horseradish. Serve with homemade bread.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0009 10 Nadevana puranja pecenka

    Stuffed turkey roast

    Let the real celebration start with a luscious stuffed turkey roast. Serve it with vegetables and rice and toast with a glass of white wine.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0010 11 Hrustava Ptujska posebna in puranji sink z orescki

    Crispy Ptuj polony sausage and turkey ham with nuts

    Children and adults will love this extraordinary snack made of polony sausage, turkey ham and nuts. If you like spicy, sprinkle with chilli powder.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0011 12 Suhe slive ovite v dimljene piscancje prsi

    Dried prunes wrapped in smoked chicken breast

    Toothpick food is always a practical and fun snack. Let your imagination run wild. Try this smoked chicken breast, Edam cheese and prunes recipe.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0012 13 Mesne kroglice na nabodalcih s sezamom

    Meatball skewer with sesame

    Deep fried turkey meatballs with sesame are an ideal snack, especially if thread on a skewer and served warm with a dipping sauce of your choice.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0013 14 Krekerji s piscancjo pasteto

    Crackers with chicken pâté

    Why not nibble on these small crackers with skilfully arranged pâté on top, decorated and seasoned in your own way.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0014 15 Krekerji z avokadovim namazom in klobaso Pol1

    Crackers with avocado spread and Poli sausage

    Typically sweet avocado taste goes well with ramsons and thin slices of Poli sausage, arranged in little flowers. For a perfect little bite.


  • PP praznicnirecepti 0015 16 Piscancje prsi v ovoju z dimljenim sirom in melono

    Chicken breast with smoked cheese and melon

    Impress your guests with this simple snack which will surprise on the inside with its juicy filling of smoked cheese and melon and on the outside with a wooden clothes peg.


  • PP thumb velikonocni piscanec

    Easter Chicken

    Leave ham aside and make way for chicken! Try our take on this traditional holiday meal which combines fresh seasonal ingredients with holiday staples, such as horseradish.