The quality of popular Perutnina Ptuj meat and products has not been built in a day. It originates in the homebred tradition and carefully monitored production at every step of the production process, as is guaranteed by a number of quality certificates.
Perutnina Ptuj products have long been considered as excellent foodstuffs. They allow a contemporary person with an altered modern way of life to enjoy delicious full-flavoured foods adjusted to time.

Quality, taste, and feeling good

Perutnina Ptuj is the first in Slovenia to implement a new standard that that looks to bring the new way of breeding closer to the kind of breeding in farmhouse courtyards of the past. This new standard acknowledges the contemporary findings on animal welfare and even surpasses the current legislative regulations. Chickens that are bred in the improved living conditions of the premium poultry breeding are able to develop their natural behavior, which has a beneficial impact on their health.

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Natural characteristics

The poultry meat has a lot of qualities and is as such suitable for any meal. Low level of unsaturated fats, biologically highly valuable proteins, vitamins of group B and essential fatty acids are the basic characteristics of the poultry meat and essential for our growth and development.

Distinctive taste of products

Perutnina Ptuj differs from other European producers mainly by small farms, scattered across the countryside in the natural environment of Slovenia, carefully controlled breeding in closed poultry houses, personal relationship and concern of breeders with animal-friendly breeding, which results in the distinctive taste of products.

Distinctive taste of products

Traceable Slovene origin

All production processes start, take place and finish in Slovenia. The process of ensuring traceability leads us from the final product all the way back to the raw products used. The breeder, production date and other information about the production process are appropriately controlled and documented in the internal Perutnina Ptuj documents.

• The breeder’s address labelled on the Natur packed fresh meat is the information for those interested in whose poultry house the poultry was bred in.
• The »LOT« number is a printed number on the packaging (next to the L mark) which denotes the origin when the breeder is not stated. If the breeder is not stated on the packaging, the traceability is marked on the packaging with a smaller printed number named »LOT«.


You can follow the origin of our products using the online app.

Traceable Slovene origin


Our poultry feed does not contain hormones, antibiotics or raw products of animal origin and is produced under the watchful eye of our experts in the Perutnina Ptuj mills. It consists mainly of corn, soya, wheat, minerals and vitamins.

Control at every stage

Perutnina Ptuj is one of the few food systems that produce foodstuffs with the use of production chains which allow control in all stages of production. We carry out over 500 laboratory analysis daily. Continuous control over our own veterinary clinic and permanent state veterinary inspections guarantee the integrity and safety of all our products.

Control at every stage