• Chicken breast

    Excellent sausage made of chicken breast meat, perfect for a tasty sandwich, low in fat. Well, that depends on what you make it with.

    Packing: 1600 g

  • Poetovio

    Desalted cooked chicken meat, lightly seasoned. Solid, elastic, pieces of meat and meat dough stick together well. Impeccable food product, low in fat and saturated fatty acids, low in sugar, high in fibre.

    Allergen free.
    Packing: 400 g

  • Turkey ham

    When you want a sandwich quickly, grab the light turkey ham in the shape of a sausage. Slice it, place it on bread and add a slice of cheese. Bon appétit.

    Packing: 1500 g

  • Chicken breast, cold cuts

    Chicken breast is a well known product so we didn’t change the contents at all. However, the product has a new look and more information for you on the packaging.

    Packing: 100 g

  • Smoked chicken breast, cold cuts

    Chicken breast Slim & Fit are juicier than classic chicken breast. The seasoning mix and the smoke aroma beautifully replenish and enrich the taste.

    Packing: 100 g

  • Chicken breast with pepper, cold cuts

    Chicken breast made of chicken meat, seasoned with pepper for a rich, prominent taste. Serve in a sandwich or on a serving plate.

    Packing: 100 g

  • Turkey šink sausage, cold cuts

    Turkey šink sausage used to be sold in a different packaging. The new packaging is more practical but the ham is the same; succulent, tasty, low in fat with full aroma.

    Packing: 100 g

  • Smoked chicken fillet

    Smoked, prepared chicken fillet will impress all lovers of the characteristic smoky taste that appreciate great meat, but are not impressed with the fats.

    Packing: 170 g

  • White šink sausage

    Ready-made white chicken šink sausage isn’t only low in fat but also boasts excellent taste and aroma. You can have it all.

    Packing: 350 g

  • Smoked turkey breasts

    Heat-treated smoked turkey breasts, ready to consume. Prepared of turkey meat pieces, gently smoked.

    Allergen free.
    Packing: 1700 g

  • Smoked chicken breasts

    Heat-treated smoked chicken breasts, ready to consume. Made of chicken meat pieces, gently smoked.

    Allergen free.
    Packing: cca. 1000 g

  • Chicken breast with pepper

    Chicken breasts seasoned with pepper, which enrich the flavour. Product is pasteurised.


    Packaging: approx. 1000 g