• PPR piscancji zrezek s CHEDDAR SIROM PP 0001 NEW

    Chicken steak with Cheddar cheese

    Juicy boneless and skinless chicken thighs seasoned with paprika, garlic and thyme, covered with delicious Cheddar cheese. Just put the tray in the oven and wait 30-35 minutes. Cheddar cheese will be baked to a crisp that cover beautiful baked thighs.

     Packing: 600 g

  • PPR Piscancji zrezek z bucnimi semeni

    Chicken steak with pumpkin seeds

    Wonderful dish made from boneless and skinless chicken thighs. Just put it in the oven in this tray and bake for 35 minutes. Juicy and delicious!

    Packaging: 600 g

  • PPR Piscancje meso po italijansko ALU

    Chicken in Italian style

    Marinated chicken oven-baked on a tray covered with foil, making the meat even juicier and tastier. We bake it to a crunchy golden brown by increasing the temperature towards the end.

    Packaging: ca. 800 g


  • PPR Vok okus jeseni 500g

    WOK taste of autumn

    Chicken fillet cuts with the enclosed marinade of mushrooms and cream. The rich taste of autumn will liven up even the gloomiest cold autumn days.

    Allergen: milk/lactose

    Packing: 450 g


  • PPR Vok okus poletja 500g

    WOK taste of summer

    Boneless chicken thigh cuts with the marinade of pepper and onion for a perfect exotic combination for sunny summer days.

    Allergen: gluten containing grains

    Packing: 450 g

  • PPR Piscancji curry 500g

    Chicken Curry

    Tiny strips of chicken meat in curry marinade. We prepared for you two delicious recipes, which you find on the product cover.

    Packaging: 500 g

  • PPR Texas filetini ANG PP 0001 NEW

    Texas Filetini Natur Premium

    The main ingredients of lightly spicy “Texas” marinade are black pepper and red paprika, which give this seasoned inner fillet a little kick. Our favourite way to eat them is wraped in a tortilla with vegetables. Try it!

  • PPR Fit filetini ANG PP 0001 NEW

    Fit filetini Natur Premium

    Chicken inner filet, gently seasoned with delicious "Fit" marinade. Great choice for a quick snd healthy meal. Release your culinary creativity!

  • PPR juicy chicken steak ANG PP 0001 NEW

    Juicy BBQ steak Natur Premium

    You don’t have to give up barbecue flavours just because it’s not summer. Juicy chicken thigh steak (skinless and boneless), seasoned with BBQ marinade can picture a summer feeling even on a gloomy autumn day.

  • PPR Ptujski piscanec AVG2016 IK 2018

    Natur Premium chicken Ptuj style

    He is original. With the original marinade, we have been conquering homes for decades.

  • PPR Mediteranski piscanec AVG2016 IK 2018

    Natur Premium chicken Mediterranean

    The Mediterranean chicken is for all seasons. Even on the darkest day invites in our home the sea and the sun recede.

  • PPR Stajerski piscanec AVG2016 IK 2018

    Natur Premium chicken Styrian

    Styrian chicken is everywhere. Sprinkled with a delicious marinade and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds is always the main thing at the table.

    Net contents: cca. 

  • PP PPR piscanec z nalepko ANG

    Natur Premium chicken with added giblets

    Natur Premium chicken meat is firm, juicy and agreeably tasty. For a healthy family meal. Season the entire chicken well inside and out and roast in the oven, or try it in a covered grill or bread oven. You can use a roasting bag, but cut it open a bit before the chicken is done so the skin can roast to a crisp.

    Net contents: 6400 g

  • PPR izdelek file

    Natur Premium chicken fillet

    Chicken fillet – boneless and skinless chicken breast. The best choice for a health-conscious diet – high in protein and low in fats. 

    Net contents: 500 g

  • PPR izdelki stegna BKK

    Natur Premium chicken thighs, boneless, skinless

    Chicken thighs, boneless and skinless – the upper part of chicken drumsticks. The juiciest and most tender part of the chicken. Ideal for preparing cutlets, traditional or pan-fried cutlets, wraps and many other dishes from the wok or frying pan.

    Net contents: 500 g, 800 g, 4000 g

  • PPR izdelki peruti

    Natur Premium chicken wings

    Chicken wings are definitely not part of a health-conscious diet, since they contain more skin than the other parts of the chicken, but that is the secret to their popularity.  Deliciously seasoned, grilled or roast to a crisp, they are always a good choice.

    Net contents: 500 g, 800 g, 4000 g

  • PPR izdelki peruti zgornji deli

    Natur Premium chicken wings upper parts

    The upper part of chicken wings has the appealing look of little legs. Serve crisp-roasted, with a little dipping sauce, to make a delightful finger food.

    Net contents: 500 g, 4000 g

  • PPR izdelki bedra

    Natur Premium chicken drumsticks

    Chicken legs, or the lower part of the drumstick – the favourite piece of meat for deep-frying. For breading, add sesame or pumpkin seeds to the breadcrumbs.

    Net contents: 500 g, 800 g, 4000 g

  • PPR izdelki file zrezek

    Natur Premium chicken fillet steak

    Chicken fillet cutlets for a light, gentle and quickly prepared meal. The best choice for a low-calorie diet – high in protein and low in fats. 

    Net contents: 500 g, 4000 g

  • PPR izdelki mini file

    Natur Premium Chicken Inner Fillet

    Net contents: 500 g, 800 g

  • PPR izdelki bedra

    Natur Premium Chicken legs

    Net contents: 500 g

  • PPR izdelki piscanec razrezan za pohanje2

    Natur Premium Chicken pieces prepared for breading

    Net contents: 1 kg

  • PPR Piscancji kebab 500g

    Chicken kebab

    Prepared meat cuts. Sear and create delicious kebabs, add other foods of your choice and make a perfect meal in no time.

    Allergen free.

    Packing: 500 g