With a little help from us

  • Chicken steak with pumpkin seeds

    Wonderful dish made from boneless and skinless chicken thighs. Just put it in the oven in this tray and bake for 35 minutes. Juicy and delicious!

    Packaging: 600 g

  • Chicken Curry

    Tiny strips of chicken meat in curry marinade. We prepared for you two delicious recipes, which you find on the product cover.

    Packaging: 500 g

  • Chicken in Italian style

    Marinated chicken oven-baked on a tray covered with foil, making the meat even juicier and tastier. We bake it to a crunchy golden brown by increasing the temperature towards the end.

    Packaging: ca. 800 g

  • Chicken stew

    Easy to prepare because all the ingredients are right here: chicken thighs, back, wingettes, drumstick cuts and enclosed dried vegetables.

    Allergen free.
    Packing: 900 g

  • WOK taste of autumn

    Chicken fillet cuts with the enclosed marinade of mushrooms and cream. The rich taste of autumn will liven up even the gloomiest cold autumn days.

    Allergen: milk/lactose
    Packing: 450 g

  • WOK taste of summer

    Boneless chicken thigh cuts with the marinade of pepper and onion for a perfect exotic combination for sunny summer days.

    Allergen: gluten containing grains
    Packing: 450 g

  • Chicken kebab

    Prepared meat cuts. Sear and create delicious kebabs, add other foods of your choice and make a perfect meal in no time.

    Allergen free.
    Packing: 500 g

  • Turkey Steak

    Marinated steaks of boneless, skinless turkey thighs, prepared for cooking in an oven or pan. The seasoned turkey meat can be combined with other ingredients for a quick and easy complete meal.

    Quick and easy, fresh, marinated and seasoned

    Packaging: 600 g

  • Turkey mince

    Minced turkey drumsticks. Can be used for many different dishes containing turkey mince which is low in fat.
    Allergens: may contain traces of gluten containing grains, milk/lactose, nuts
    Packing: 550 g

  • Turkey roast

    Turkey roast on an alu tray will enthral you with excellent taste, alluring appearance and simple preparation. Turkey meat contains less than 14% of fat.
    Allergens: may contain traces of milk/lactose, nuts
    Packing: 600 g

  • Turkey meatballs

    Meatballs made of minced turkey meat which is low in fat and high in nutrients. Braise the meatballs and then follow the recipe with the tomato sauce.

    Allergens: may contain traces of gluten containing grains, soy, milk/lactose
    Packing: 550 g

  • Chicken steak filled with cheese

    Marinated cutlets of boneless, skinless chicken legs filled with cheese You won’t need to get your oven or stove dirty to cook the meal, since the cheesesteaks are packaged in an aluminium tray with a protective foil which opens by itself towards the end of cooking.

    Quick and easy, fresh, marinated and seasoned, cooking instructions on packaging.

    Packaging: ca. 700 g

Frankfurters for every taste

  • Chicken pieces for roasting

    Selected pieces of chicken meat, already cut and prepared for roasting. In the package, you will find a Ptuj style marinade, so you can easily make a delicious Ptuj style roasted chicken. 

    Packaging: 1 kg